Making Memories in Lone Pine

Sonja Warner

I started coming to the valley when I was 5 years old. The rock shop, known as Lorraine's at this time, was always a place of wonder. What child do you know that isn't in awe when they are surrounded by nature's beauty under one roof. Where you can play with the tumbled stones and be amazed by the crystals and the geodes.

When I turned 18, I got the pleasure of working here. At this time the ownership had changed and the Rock Shop gained the name of Lone Pine Rock's and Gifts. What an amazing experience. I started picking up books and just absorbing all the information I could about the minerals that we carried.

We have people from all over the world come to see us. But the comment I hear the most has been "I used to come here as a child!" This little rock shop has become an iconic part of Lone Pine's history for so many generations.

Come in and be part of this Lone Pine experience! 

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Welcome to our online store!  The Rock Shop is proud to be expanding online and hope you enjoy what you see!!  Let us tell you a little bit about our storefront!

Lone Pine Rocks & Gifts is located at the foot of Mt Whitney in Lone Pine, Ca.  The store has been a part of Lone Pine since the 1960's.  

The owners desire is for each person to have a unique visit to our shop.  We carry many different gems and minerals from all around the world, as well as from our very own Owens Valley!

We enjoy rock-hounding and locating the best specimens available for our customers!  Our Native American jewelry is carefully and thoughtfully purchased from registered Native American vendors.  Our team works hard at maintaining an array of books, both local and educational, as well as many other items that any enthusiast may seek out! 

Lone Pine Rocks & Gifts is excited to expand our store and bring to the world what we love!  We know you will enjoy what we have to offer!!



Contact Information:

Lone Pine Rocks & Gifts, 235 S. Main St., Lone Pine, Ca 93545


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